Boxing Skirts versus Boxing Shorts

This album shows female boxers wearing boxing skirts and boxing shorts to give a visual representation of the differences between the two products. Controversy has erupted over the International Amateur Boxing Association considering forcing female boxers to wear skirts at the London Olympic Games in 2012. Many thousands of people have signed a petition against the proposals. Undefeated professional boxer and founder of BoXXerworld, Laura Saperstein has had 11 pro fights and was a champion amateur boxer before turning pro. She has worn both boxing shorts and boxing skirts with built-in under-shorts in many fights. Personally she prefers skirts as she finds them more comfortable and easier to move in. The reason is that they are made from stretch performance materials and don't have the large elastic waist bands of shorts, which can be uncomfortable and are traditionally designed to accommodate the bulky protectors worn by male boxers. However, she understands that most female amateur boxers are used to wearing shorts and being forced to wear skirts in their big opportunity to be seen in front of the world may be traumatic. For comment email or call 07888896379