New Design Order Form - Custom

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For brand new designs, you have a few choices about how to instruct us: 

  • Roughly draw your idea by hand or computer using one of our TEMPLATES and we’ll re-do it using our professional skills and judgement adding anything we think necessary to make it great;
  • If you are no good with hand or computer drawing, give us detailed written instructions of a design u want us to do;
  • Send us a picture of something you’ve seen and we’ll design something similar;
  • Drop into our Chalong Outlet Store and speak to our designer or call us by visiting our Contact Page. 


After we receive your inquiry we will let you know the total cost of your item right away. Once you have paid, we will create a graphic design for you on our CUSTOMER SKETCHES page showing your names and colours on the design you have selected. Normally we will do this the next day. Any changes u need, within reason, are fine and add no additional cost. 


The price of your item depends largely on the number of names, logos and graphics you add to the basic design, so if you are on a budget, stick to just a couple of names. It is your responsibility to check the size, colours, due date, details and spellings for accuracy and let us know if it is okay to go ahead and make your item. You willl pay by credit, debit car or paypal account by clicking on your name on our CUSTOM PAY page on the top right hand corner of this site.  

We can normally have your item made within a few days (though in busy times, production may take a little longer).


Make sure you let us know if you want your item sent to an address in Thailand or delivered by hand to a Bungalow or Gym in Phuket. If hand delivery, please give us special instructions as to where and with whom  to leave the item as we do not want items to be lost and our staff will not be able to wait! We take NO RESPONSIBILITY for items left with gym or bungalow staff. 

If you are leaving Thailand in a hurry and need the item shipped to your home country, please let us know at the time of order and we will add the courier postage charge to your order. 

Buyer's Data

Please fill in your first name here

Please fill in your last name here

Your Primary Email Address

Please fill in your phone number. We will use this only for emergency contact.

Delivery Address

Please state the delivery address for the product, not the home address of the buyer.

***be detailed about where, when and with whom items are to be left. We take no responsibility for lost items properly delivered. If you make an arrangement to meet our staff, they will not be able to wait or search about if you are late. Be detailed about the place of meeting. Any failed delivery attempts will be charged.***

Order Details

Fill in the details of your order here

please write in your height and unit (eg. 180cm or 5'5" ) or state “unknown"

please write in your weight (eg. 60kg or 176lbs) or state “unknown"

Please pick the type of items you want to order

Sizing guide. Please note in the “Other Instructions” box if you want sizing advice.

the date you need this item in your hands. NOTE: we require minimum 14 days from final design and full payment

Colours And Fabric Types

Please fill in the main colours of this item, one per line.

click here for fabric samples

The kinds of fabric you want for this item ( eg. satin, sequins, velour, leatherette, fur ) Please write one per line.


you have to tick this box if you don't want your name on this item.

Hand-draw your design on one of our templates and send us a digital pic or send us a photo of something you've seen.
file must be in .gif .jpg .png or .bmp format. maximum size is 1MB

you can upload the logo in these file formats: .gif .jpg .png .psd .ai . Please make sure your file is not bigger than 3 megabytes (you can zip them if you have to)

Please fill in if you have additional information / requests concerning your order.

Thank you for your order. We will normally have your graphic to your within a few days but during busy periods you may need to allow 7-10 days. During Easter and Christmas/ New Year holidays waiting times will be a little longer. If you have any urgent questions please email or telephone us by visiting our Contact Page.

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