About Us

A unique service by fighters for fighters... the very best quality & unique designs at affordable prices... 


Boxxerworld started out designing competition fightwear for Thai boxers and professional Western boxers. Our founder, professional boxer, Laura Saperstein, had found the process of ordering her own competition apparel disappointing. The products were ill-fitting, had mistakes and were not of the quality she expected.   

While on a training and fighting trip to Phuket in 2008 she met a tailor who was going through hard times and in the desire to help, Laura established a small custom-making enterprised called BoXXerworld.  The business soon grew and found itself producing high-end fightwear for many of the world's professional fighters. For 5 years BoXXerworld concentrated on the international market. Then in 2012, we re-launched in Thailand, re-opening our Chalang shop near Home Pro Village and establishing this website for local customers.

www.ThaiboXXer.com is our factory outlet store, making product available at special discounts to people training or living in Thailand. For intnernational orders, customers should use www.boXXerworld.com


“It can be quite confusing to order a fight outfit; when I wasn’t sure what to do there was no help and if I needed a special product to fit my shape there was nothing available. I ended up wearing things in a fight that didn’t fit very well and the way they looked didn’t make me confident. That’s not what you need going into a fight. When you get in the ring you want to feel a million dollars and be totally comfortable.”

In its first few years BoXXerworld experimented with many new fabrics and design techniques, bringing fighters in the UK, Australia and the USA a fresh look with modern, up to date styling. We constantly re-visited our patterns and tweaked the small detail of our products to make them fit and feel better. We also made the choice to be the only custom-maker in the world to provide all customers with individual professional graphic designs. This process allows the fighter to fully visualise his or her design idea prior to manufacture and virtually eliminates the worst problem in custom-making where many names and logos are needed... mistakes.


In 2011, after four years studying what professional athletes want in a product, we commenced designing our XX TRAINING & STREETWEAR range. During one full year of product development for our first range, we searched the globe for the best materials and questioned all kinds of fighters about their favourite garments and the best design features of each. We studied products available on the market with a fine tooth comb to uncover their design draw-backs and then designed new products to overcome these.

Our main finding was that boxers and other martial artists need modern training products designed around performance materials which draw sweat away from the body rather than trap it like traditional cotton wear. We also found that training wear needed to be designed to accommodate the broad range of movement undertaken in common training regimes such as running, hitting pads, doing circuits and stretching. This meant designing lightweight products with built in flexibility. Our unique training shorts design features stretch polyester and stretch panels; we use flat waist bands for a better look and feel with small elasticated panels at the sides for grip. Our research shows that in cold weather, fighters should layer products, always starting with lightweight moisture-wicking products as the base layer.


Our women’s fightwear is the only fully developed range of products for female martial artists in the world. Over five years we have created garments which fit the female form perfectly while giving an elegant, feminine look. All our training shorts (boxing, Thai boxing and MMA) are designed to be unisex. Our Gangsta training shorts and MMA shorts feature stretch materials and unique patterns meaning they work well with both the male and female form. Our custom made items give female fighters complete choice to design around their own look and personality.


BoXXerworld’s tagline, ONE DREAM is about bringing people together. Uniting across the gulfs of difference in our common aim as fighters... to be the best we can be.

Our founder, Laura Saperstein, was a corporate lawyer before she gave up the suit-wearing lifestyle to become a professional fighter. “I found that fighters come from all kinds of different backgrounds, classes and cultures and the thing that most drew me to boxing aside from the joy of punching itself, was the that those differences never mattered in the gym or in the ring. The only thing that really seemed to matter was courage. And courage has nothing to do with how big or small you are, what colour you are or what sex. It’s about a determination deep inside to face fear and keep going.”

BoXXerworld’s headquarters in Thailand was set up in the same spirit of bringing people together despite difference. During a training camp, laura met a down on her luck seamstress working as a house-maid. The two women had no language in common and Laura knew nothing about textiles or sewing, but the desire to help prevailed. In a run-down workers’ cottage, with two staff who’d left school at the age of 12, a twenty year old sewing machine and a squat toilet, BoXXerworld was born. Five years on things have changed dramatically. Our key staff have all learned English, operate computers and high-tech equipment and have improved their lives, prospects and self esteem. The squat toilet, however, remains.

It is worth remembering that when you order from BoXXerworld you are buying a product that helps others as well as yourself. At BoXXerworld be believe that when we all have ONE DREAM we can change our lives individually and collectively for the better.